What should be our next event on? Let’s discuss.

Let’s discuss about our next event or meetup. If you want to know what happened in our last event, visit this link.

You can suggest about the topics we can talk about, mentors / guest suggestion or anything that comes in your mind. Let’s have a talk below or in our Facebook group.

6 thoughts on “What should be our next event on? Let’s discuss.

  1. Subodh Maharjan

    I think we need to discuss more about the old topic “Graphics design for web” and also we need to discuss regarding “99designs.com” and other freelancing job sites(if any).
    Is this make sense? 😀

  2. suman shrestha

    something more nepal-specific ?
    # problems in our design industry ( salary range , designer~developer co-ordination, designer~client relation )
    # pros and cons of foreign investment companies
    # are nepali designers just design makers or design thinkers ?
    # since we don’t have proper design academics, where do our designers born ?
    etc 🙂


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